Heading out

When I’m out

toxic fumes

chase with rage

toxic people

stand like lamps

except they flicker on streets

suppose to illuminate

they end up spying

manipulating with guts

Heading out

I become a turtle

retracting into shell

abhorred by

the axing of skull

for not having my tiara straight

Not to mention

not looking like that poster

outside my house

Heading out

I second that

I second ingesting toxic

fumes and rage

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Tuition from inside

I should have heeded

that tuition from inside

teaching me

you were not to be

the mine I thought

Accepting lessons from gut

was not planned

Believing insistence

could solve all

Squeezing my way

through the

insular mess of hope

was needlessly forced

To make myself think

you were the one

when I long knew

it was just me

who wanted you to be

At that time

it was not me

who could have a say

in who was the one

Because from inside

they warned me

that someone

is yet to be


you were not the one

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Does identity split or unite?

I was wondering.

It seems that using words like “that white lady, that Indian man, that black teenager, that Muslim girl, that Chinese girl” pose certain risks of offending people who would say that using such words which categorize people into their race, religion and skin tone is demeaning and insensitive.

If we really do find these categorizations offensive, why is it that they are still necessary in our daily lives? Not to mention the reason that “knowing your religion would allow us to be more sensitive towards you, it serves as a warning”, but what do you even need to be careful of in the first place? Why are some categorizations viewed as “normal”, while others should be shunned away from totally, especially those that categorize the minorities?

Perhaps identity is not determined by those superficial appearances and categorizations of us humans. I guess this is the conclusion I’m drawing.

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What may come

My hair stands still

Air becomes touchable

My soul sinks slow

Gravity becomes draggy

I count and plunge

Against frigid shivers

Away from the truth

Impetuous with stealth

My hair races through

Befriending gust

My blood gushes through

With currents of oceanic deadlines

My mind speeding illicitly

Adrenaline becomes red

I become a havoc

Cement liquefied in me


A frantic strand

Electrocuting wire

Wreaking havoc in me

Just because of

What may come

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So you are after fast?

Scurried steps

Painful push

Savage stomps

Mindless snatch

Petty yells

All for

What you call

Insufficient haste

To gorge

Inefficient patience

Follow their pace

You lose your gaze

Writing this reminds me of stampedes that occur around the world whenever people turn barbaric at crowded events. Such behavior angers me too much. The fact that humans in general can be so selfish to pursuit their cause solely and totally disregarding the lives of their fellows.

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