Soil without leaves

Leaves are my sleeves

writes the soil

I wear blouse with sleeves

to carry intense pounding

when you stand next to me

right after they step on me

You see how my sleeves

swirl so lightly

when the wind blows

it’s the same every time

you walk with me

The heart is moving

the cool from wind gets me

but I’m afraid to swirl

along with it

because the wind

may then stop coming

You may stop coming

I’ll then be

soil without leaves

soul without sleeves

In this poem, I’m trying to portray feeling passive and aggressive towards our personal feelings. The simple helplessness of not being able to make up one’s mind even though we know what we want. So, I’m thinking it’s the courage that’s suppose to make a choice. In this case, it’s the fear of losing a covering.

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Not much

What was bestowed upon us

was really not much

like a sunset so often

almost not special

yet its presence

always desired

your presence

always needed

Yet all that remained

was so much to keep

My keepsake

of your gestures

inside the pocket of

that same old jean

Its pocket is ripping

every sewed strand

losing its might

to hold my thoughts of you together

like before,

before is getting earlier and further

The pocket of my old jean

says what’s coming

is just that

one day

there is a pocket no more

All strands unbridled

All love stranded

Not much will be left

<a href=””>Bestow</a&gt;

A while ago

Questions draw circles

this outline tosses answers

ironically free within

the tight-lipped universe

Questions in rounds

going front and back

Answers can’t break free

regarding a viable dream

A sweet dream

once a reverie

now a moment in parallel

with the tainted days

that once seemed to be

the only perceptible

A sweet dream

a while ago

the world

for once actually

returned my broken piece of puzzle

the piece, once promised

to complete me

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Under the shelter

I know

we are just passing through

But I also know

our paths interlock

Sometimes we stay

under the shelter

we find amidst the rain

Sometimes we stay longer

under the shelter

even after the rain

I stayed long enough

under this shelter

If disruption was a novel sight

emerging from stillness

just as blue umbrellas

pop among the rain

then I guess

you disrupted me

But what a desirable umbrella you were

transparent, letting light in

The reason I stayed

under the shelter

was because

you were behind me

but you came

to be beside me

under the shelter

This poem is about the need to move on from what once made us warm, be it a person or a place, and continue to brace the cold elsewhere.

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What was it?

What was it?

What was it that thwarted

my questions for you

Reading through old messages

I realized we were this close

to asking the same question every time

Sometimes you wanted to know

other times me

I reckon

hints didn’t win

We were curious

but perhaps not enough

I always thought

I should have

Now that we’re here

I really think

we should have


instead of



I guess everyone has that someone who makes us whisper “it’s a shame” under our breath, and how we will remember it all. I used this picture to portray the desire to grab onto something but not actually having the power to do so in reality. Instead, memories allow us to hold on to what we have always wanted to, because they only become real in our minds.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

First of all, thank you so much for Krafting thoughts for nominating me. I really enjoy reading your posts!


  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

My answers to the questions:

1. Planned Solo Trip vs Unplanned Road Trip- Which one would you prefer and why?

I woud prefer an unplanned road trip because spontaneity makes everything more fun! 

2. Which is that one characteristic within you which is completely different from your current personality ? Explore & Share.

I’ve always been known to be a quiet person, but I usually have a lot of thoughts on the things that happen around me. The thing is sometimes I would share my ideas to people close to me so much that they find me a nag haha. 

3. How you get into this world of Blogging? Share with us your Journey.

It was just one of those days when I was ruminating about something and felt a strong urge to write my thoughts down. Since then, whenever i have some ideas on certain things I’ll write them down and it relieves me every time I do. 

4. What are your expectations of achievements you want to have from your Blog?

I started out without much expectations and I just thought that having people read what I write is something to be glad about. As I write more, I do hope to get more readers for my poetry. 

5. What, according to you, is the grey shade in the world of Blogging?

I reckon the grey shade is something ambiguous. When we all read the same post, we can have different interpretations and different ideas of continuation. The good thing is that nobody can fault anyone and this grey shade has sort of become a freedom for us to interpret.

6. What, according to you, can be done to reduce the impact of the points stated iN answer to above Question?

If you have points to back up your ideas, fret not. 

7. What is something you don’t forget to collect while on a trip?

A photo of an ice-cream I ate. I seem to need to eat an ice-cream whenever I travel, it kickstarts the holiday mood! 

8. What are your thoughts about the current scenario of following fields (share in one-line)-

  • Health & Fitness: More needs to be done. 
  • Food: Keep the variety coming. 
  • Technology: Dangerous but extremely helpful. 
  • Wellness & Personal Hygiene: Shows how much an individual cares about his or her own wellbeing. 
  • Food & Nutrition: It’s difficult to inculcate a nutritious diet without some goals in mind. 

I’m nominating: 


My questions: 

  1. Tea or coffee?
  2. Do you prefer writing with a keyboard or a pen?
  3. What inspires you to write the most?
  4. What are the movies you love?
  5. What are the songs you love?
  6. If you could only take three things with you to a desolate island, what would it be?
  7. Which country would you love to visit?
  8. What are kind of books you like reading?
  9. Favourite childhood hero?
  10. What is one thing you like about yourself?
  11. What are the kind of clothes you like to go with?

Merely brushed

Our glances

churned in us

slush in a rush

icy enough to blush

Many rounds


can’t get out

The chill of our glances

merely brushed

I went to Venice two years ago and I felt that I just brushed through the city without much time to think. I’m using this picture to convey the same kind of haste felt between strangers meeting multiple times but never having the opportunity to start talking albeit being curious about one another.

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