What was it?

What was it?

What was it that thwarted

my questions for you

Reading through old messages

I realized we were this close

to asking the same question every time

Sometimes you wanted to know

other times me

I reckon

hints didn’t win

We were curious

but perhaps not enough

I always thought

I should have

Now that we’re here

I really think

we should have


instead of



I guess everyone has that someone who makes us whisper “it’s a shame” under our breath, and how we will remember it all. I used this picture to portray the desire to grab onto something but not actually having the power to do so in reality. Instead, memories allow us to hold on to what we have always wanted to, because they only become real in our minds.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/thwart/”>Thwart</a&gt;

4 thoughts on “What was it?

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  1. Perhaps it’s literally the inverted reflection of that tree that thwarted you. Because that photo has thwarted me from writing due to the sense of awe I’m feeling from the profoundness of the image.

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