Rare affection

Today’s my third day in Bangkok and I have witnessed the rarest and purest “love at first sight” scene that made me blush! It’s not between people but two little doggies. I am no expert in the names of different breeds, so I’ll just call them two white, fluffy, little doggies. 🐶🐶

We were waiting for our uber along the road and one family has two dogs with them while the other guy has one. One of which from the family started going close to the guy’s dog right after seeing it, as if recognizing its long-lost kin. The both of them stared into each other’s eyes for some seconds before one of them tweaked its head slightly and gave the other one a kiss, completely oblivious to the world’s evolvement. (I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING). Both of their owners watching must have felt bad to separate them especially because the doggies were at their peak of attraction and had to leave each other right at that moment. When they were pulled apart, both of them tried so hard to get close to each other again. This sight softened all the taut strings in every witness’s heart. Both owners gave them a little bit of time before they had to part ways. Anybody watching would say that they should have more time together:(

It was totally a magical scene to watch. Being so star-stricken, I couldn’t even take a photo when I absolutely should have.

If animals could understand each other and portray their affections so easily, maybe it’s not that hard for humans either. If only we would all express ourselves that naturally every time we feel a certain attraction.

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