Sonorous thunder

Hearing it so loud from afar

Same as noise from afar

Criticisms they spew

Building walls with lava

Coveting my self-esteem

Enclosing my being

Stealing my standing

I’m trapped by four tall walls

Heaving breaths of desperation

My feet in a square

With the same width and breadth

Claustrophobia checked

I jump and jump to grip

Onto any of this

Deadpan flat and frictionless

Ominous grey wall

Trying an empty palm hold

Overdue fingernails scratching the wall

The scratch, nauseating

The paint flaking

Nothing like snow flakes

The pain peeling

Nothing like calluses

My scream rings only in my ears

That’s how hard it could be

To escape from those noise of yours

Those rumors you say

Just forget about them?

I don’t think I can.

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