Plane seats

I don’t get why plane seats in economy class allow us to recline our seats, yet the designers don’t give us enough space to do that without obstructing the people behind us. It’s as if the airline companies cannot decide between their passengers’ comfort and their company’s revenue. (Assuming, to increase the space without the price of the tickets, their revenue decreases.) Hence, they throw us the conundrum the moment we step into the plane, while proudly presenting a glossy advertisement with an immaculate slogan that speaks the words unheard.

The words unheard: It is none of our business for instigating inconsideration. 😌

P.S. This is exactly what it feels like. This time with me as the advertiser, claiming this very post has anything got to do with the word prompt “restart”. 😌

<a href=””>Restart</a&gt;

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