Dusty spectacles

You look like that guy

The protagonist in that movie

Just a little skinnier

With the same dusty spectacles

It all started with you

Being such an inscrutable storm

I never feared to just invoke precipitation

My curiosity stems from your awkward mannerisms

Never thought I would have much conversations with you

Being fully aware

That your thoughts stem from the logic of the other pole

I could see how they originate

Yet being able to understand your sentences

Didn’t compel me to light up any matches

I bring with me

Perhaps when it’s daylight here

I don’t need fire

Not knowing you’re maneuvering in the colder dark

They say opposites attract

That’s Science

Not feelings we own solely

I believe you’re one of those

Who believes that what I just said

Can be altered

That is probably why

We can’t keep talking

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/inscrutable/”>Inscrutable</a&gt;

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