The thing about love is that we think it’s the biggest part of our life but it doesn’t actually make up a huge part of our life. In fact, the time we spend in love, is barely enough. It’s just us who think about it so often that it becomes and feels like a big part of life. We are the ones who put the greatest emphasis on love and won’t change our minds after that. Love tears you apart, but it’s so skillful at mending you too. That day, it was the mending.

Love is so ambiguous, versatile and general that it’s always confusing when it comes to using this very word. Personally, I find true connection between two people really precious. Sure, we can always talk to people and start a two-way conversation, but being able to feel a connection is rare. By connection, I mean the desire to talk to a person continuously and while you’re talking to him, you feel your emotions being stirred. You feel alive all over again, and the baton has no last person to be passed to, just between two people, on and on.

The thing about feelings is that it has a tentative presence. If you make your feelings known, it becomes not that valuable anymore. Not only will it lose its value, it will become non-existent. But if you keep it, it creates chaos in you.

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