For you

Inheritance, from one to another. From who, we don’t know yet. Just know it’s unconditionally for you.

Not counting them may be a blessing. No figures, no graphs, no comparisons, no feelings of losing. You won’t want to make a list of what you have because that would make you an ungrateful brat. It’s always not enough. I know. If it’s enough, there would be nothing left to fight for in this world. The lack we see is a clue towards the meaning we want to find.

Here’s the thing, you may not want what’s given to you. You may not want to be born in the country you’re in, be of a certain ethnicity, or be the gender people think you are. This non-exhaustive list goes on stubbornly.

We’re always living in this quandary between accepting gladly what’s given to us yet live with a tinge of doubt, or rejecting it surely to look for another that may or may not become a living proof of regret.

There seems to be a few kinds of “gifts” better left unreceived. Monetary inheritance sows discord. A color inherited causes unhappiness. A disease inherited brings physical and emotional affliction. Inheritance is a demandingly lethal wildfire. Do we still be thankful for inheritance?

We have a hard time accepting the lifestyle that we have to live most of our life, till the spell of uncertainty is broken. Inheritance, an occasional gift and a game of forced participation that we need to win.

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