Still elegance she exudes

A lady’s elegance is not determined by how silky her evening gown is. It is received by the masses when she struggles internally to criticisms on her appearance before deciding that nobody can shake her confidence. That is when we understand that her megawatt smile is not fake.

She fits the portrayal of a poised lady sitting crossed-leg in a framed painting when she sends a visually-impaired elderly home without needing anybody to know. In another similar situation, she’s ready to do the same and that is proof of the elegance sitting inside her.

She who knows how to acknowledge what she did wrong and learn from somebody she actually dislikes is one with grit. Her ability to use selective grit to elevate her cognitive status instead of stubbornly holding onto outdated theories she created herself is what makes her words reliable.

Even being at still, you know she’s elegant because she’s humbly confident, unassumingly compassionate and moderately gritty.

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