Sealing an envelope

It is not easy to want to be kind to others from the heart all the time, especially when that person may have hurt you. Yet, when that person is facing difficulties in life, we ought to help them if we are able to. There is always this psychological hurdle. After that, they call it forgiveness.

Our actions like volunteering at a social organization may prove us to be one helpful person. However, without the willingness coming wholeheartedly from the heart, that very act of compassion becomes counter-intuitive and therefore loses its original meaning.

Your beneficiary will feel your insincerity, because you’ll be inclined to give in to your unhealthy prompt to stop helping, or rather what you’re physically conducting.

Instead of forcing ourselves to act kindly towards certain people according to society’s standards, isn’t it better for us to spend some time to swallow our previous grievances with empathy? Then, wholeheartedly accept our next effective action to be a challenging yet one that is parallel with our conscience.

Without sealing the envelope, the letter won’t reach the receiver. It will be lost on the way. Inadequate patience to allow ourselves to admit that we were once the victim and the need to be oh so kind to your bully kills the potential to truly be kind again.

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