The artist in 2010

It was in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a lively street in Taiwan, Taipei, that a conspicuously frugal artist caught the fleeting attention of many.

Seven years later, he remains an idiosyncratic figure whom I find exuberant with extractable knowledge.

From a short distance away, I saw how he hurriedly laid his materials on the ground, intolerable of being patient to start his art.

All he had were bottles of spray paint, paper, and wooden frames. He started drawing under the curiosity, anticipation and doubt of the onlookers. The first painting he completed was an aesthetically pleasing landscape of the mountains and lake.

I have to say I regret not buying that painting. I reckon I was too young to have a say in our travel expenses. Eventually, a young man bought it for NT$100. It was hard to accept that the painting wasn’t sold immediately. Watching seems more popular than appreciating.

Without publicizing himself nor his work, he was already engrossed in his second painting. With tousled white and unkempt grey hair, he was the epitome of a true artist with an undoubtedly unassuming spirit and undying passion for his art. His rare passion was undertaken with such great sacrifice.


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