Prohibited intensity

Degree, an indication of levels and differences.

The degree of your nose indicates a certain position you belong to in the race for epitomized beauty. The degree of emphasis on physical beauty has manifested anorexia, bulimia and took an emotional toll on many teens. That degree of emphasis ought to be illegal.

The degree of tolerance is a limit to be observed. Incessant reprimanding and bullying will only result in despair and irrevocable replacement of life to dust. Regret is always hovering around to devour you for manipulating somebody’s level of tolerance.

Selfish reality made it such a way that you may be potentially stuck in a certain degree, a social class which brings you disadvantages to achieve your dreams.

There is always a specific degree to be wary of along the continuum. That is probably why we can’t seem to figure out where to stand on that continuum. Once you step into it, you are in for some irrevocable responsibility that you may not want to bear. We are so afraid of making the wrong choice.

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