Fatalistic is sometimes realistic

Sweet without sweat is impossible. I had troubled digesting this when I first heard this. It’s the kind of thing you know obviously it’s right but you can’t seem to want to agree with it. You know how teachers used to always say it’s only right you finish your homework before you play? I did not heed that advice after the first time I did. It just didn’t feel right as if it was against my conscience.

Some people do all the necessary yet mundane things in their lives before engaging in something they like. Well, we all hate doing the same old things, like household chores, for that matter. Because we inarguably have to get certain things done, the difference is just when we do it.

For a deadline-driven procrastinator like me, it’s hard to accept the current state of mundanity and hence I have troubles accepting the idea that I have to fold my clothes before sleeping. The ideal is to just go straight to sleep and I believe many of us hold on to our ideals till the last minute, until we reach the dead end. This is an act of not giving up on hope. Beliefs are a great influencer after all, right? In that sense, we can say we don’t give up easily but we sure aren’t statistically productive all the time.

I realized that some have a greater aptitude at accepting the idea of doing something compulsory against their will. They seem to be able to give in to things they dislike more easily. This is not to say that it’s necessarily a disadvantage. In fact, it’s a huge benefit to get through the normal process of growing up. They are just not that fixated on changing current situations. They’re more of those to work in it. That is being decisively realistic. For idealists like me, it’s finding another one that I like before working in it.

Idealists are not fatalistic but not too realistic either. Yet, we refuse to change too much. It seems that we need to help each other.


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