Difficult choices

Life is all about choices, as the old adage goes. The reason that it qualifies as an adage also means that it is undeniably true.

I’m in a quandary. Do I continue watching this drama, sleep real late (it’s 1:48am now), end up being unable to focus for piano class at 2pm tomorrow, but have enough time for my homework OR sleep now, be able to focus for piano tomorrow, finish watching the series in 5 hours after the class and delay finishing my homework? Sorry if you were looking for the question mark. It’s a difficult choice.

It’s obvious that I won’t do my homework tonight, but I have to finish it by tomorrow. My piano teacher is really good to me. Rational choice is to stop watching until I get done with my piano class and homework. Gratifying choice is to finish watching it by this weekend and jeopardize my piano practice and homework. Gosh, what should I do. I loath to delay completing what I’ve started.

It’s seems to be the first time, but I want to try something new this time. I’m choosing the rational choice, because I want the best of both worlds. I am choosing heartfelt gratification over instant gratification. This self-restraining decision will not jeopardize piano practice, homework nor inspiration.

Here’s the link. For an inspiration to flourish, we require a brief moment of self-restrain. We sacrifice our current act to develop the inspiration. We abandon all things to focus on one.

Certain things can wait, certain can’t. I know my decision today does not go against this simple principle. Drama can wait, but inspiration can’t. Because, inspiration is important to me.

It all lies in what is truly important to the heart. Sometimes what’s important in a moment may prove to be lethal to the future. I reckon this is why we can’t help but beat ourselves up all the time. Knowing clearly that our current actions will bring us regrets almost definitely yet we still choose to stay within. I don’t know if we are just too loyal to current states or greedy to achieve everything in the world. It’s also as if we are always ready to give up anything for a single gratification. We are such simple-minded people.

Oh, and by the way, I’m proud to say I’m not continuing with the drama tonight, but I end up delaying sleep typing all of these…

I guess there’s really no need to beat yourself up, is there?


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