Why we say fuck for good reasons

I have been averse to the use of vulgar language for most of my life. It just seems to be a mask for uncool and diffident people to hide their pathetic lack of individuality. It’s also due to the uncultured notions that people have on curse words. Of course, I didn’t want to be viewed as a boorish person who followed fads blindly. However, after some observations and thinking about why people use something considered as ‘bad’ so widely, I thought what’s always thought to be ‘bad’ was probably misunderstood just like the kid who started smoking at age 11 and eventually became a successful singer.

Well, let’s start with the idea that a word is useful because of the meaning and message it encompass. The reason for a dictionary to exist is because it provides our words with meaning. Very often, the meaning of a word becomes valid when it is agreed upon by the masses who face the same grievances. If a word is capable of expressing the same grievance that we all have, I don’t see why we can’t use that word to transmit our exact feeling to the other person who feels the same way. Fuck is perhaps the modern-day definition of unfettered expression for the effective communication of daily grievances.

Hence, my take is that if we use the word ‘fuck’ as wisely as we use our money, it can definitely bring us the relief that our overly stressed community desperately need without having to compromise on our ability to comprehend what constitutes diffidence. Confident people say fuck because they have good reasons to, and that good reason can be valid so long as it makes sense to yourself and the person you’re communicating with. No cheating.


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