The forgotten don’t forget what we forget

Diversity has enriched all of us as much as it has brought a significant amount of problems in our societies due to our innate difficulty to embrace someone else’s difference readily. Even if you hate to admit it, we all seem to be unreasonable people, constantly wary of being replaced by someone we don’t deem to be of our kind, even if that may mean the betterment of a current situation. We have different preconceived notions of what encompasses and epitomises goodwill, happiness and peace. Moreover, there are so many different kinds of people living in this planet. Particularly, the people living in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Here is just some thoughts that I got after watching a documentary about this incredibly vulnerable and untainted group of people.

One thing for sure, they do know how to smile. What is natural of humans are still unquestionably intact of them. Everything is instinctive for them. There is no hesitation to abandon helplessness of any being. Yet, the original human being completes mandatory but conveniently cruel acts of survival, like hunting for animals for food. They do that with focus, because they know that they are not doing that just for themselves but their family as well.

They have routines too, definitely much less complex than ours. They are shaped by their environment, We all are. Do they blame their circumstance? I guess not, having no access to other types of unimaginable lifestyle, providing no room for jealousy nor envy to proliferate. I don’t even think that corruption makes any sense to them. They take happiness given to them as it is.

The thing is, exposure prompts questioning. We are constantly given bits and pieces of happiness. What’s different is that we question the validity of those happiness. We are hungry creatures. We will not settle for less. We set expiry dates for many things in our lives. Divorce is the expiration of a marriage. By no means am I claiming that these expiration dates serve no good purpose. Indeed they actually do. It just seems that we have forgotten how to be thankful for knowing that we’re entitled to expiry dates.


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