Intrigued by Life of Pi

Okay, I know that I’m very late, but I watched this movie only recently and I cannot get over its heartfelt plot. I mean it. I like how there was a surreptitious head start for all those heart-wrenching moments. The hyena, zebra, orang-utan, and the Bengal Tiger, their attempts to survive vary so much. The cook, happy Buddhist, mother and Pi, they’re the perfect metaphor. The best movies are capable of linking everything that happens in it. The venture of practicality and faith of a religion signals just how much we don’t know. It signifies what comes next if you’re always bent on finding answers to your sacred questions. You are granted painful but exact answers. Not that you were prohibited to ask, but asking those questions requires innate bravery and inherent thirst of curiosity. Asking about the divine. The conclusion I got from this movie is that you do get your costly answers. The cost of attainment is precisely what makes an experience worthy of creating an impressionable dent.


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