One synonym of Social Media: Faches

Faches, pronounced as “fakes”, as I’d playfully like to call it.

There have been countless articles on the pros and cons of social media and writers displaying the big subtle problem- the loss of profundity in personal relationships.

Clichés, true. A gentle reminder though, the reason for a cliché to be qualified as one is that it remains an existential and resonating fact.

Take this as a message by your ‘friend’ on social media, “You sent me a “follow” request only because a faint memory of me as your previous acquaintance stayed lazily in your cognitive circuit. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. So let’s stop avoiding the fact that we only have a few friends, whom you know exactly who they are. Or did you just forgot about them? Never enough friends. Such a common illusion that we all live in.” How do you feel now?

I can’t help but wonder why I bother putting up a post every time I do. I was constantly afraid of how a single post could potentially warp my true self in front of others. Being misunderstood just wasn’t ideal at all. This is probably unwarranted fear for some, but the inability to portray our true self to others is the impediment during the reach for profundity. People are unable to portray their true self because they find that they constantly need to impress others. Realistically, impressing others is not a daily occurrence.

Profundity may not be the pursuit for all, and should not be imposed on anybody. For promoting something counter-intuitive would just be counter-productive. Counterfeit portrayal of oneself is the counter-intuition for sincerity. Are they all gone now?

Again, realistically, we cannot halt people’s use of Social Media, but we can remind people that the awaiting of instant gratification from a post fosters anxiety. You’re constantly on tenterhooks for the number of likes and new followers you’ll receive.

Well, the reason why Social Media has the ability to worry also means that it has its fair share of healthy attraction. Social Media is definitely a great platform for like-minded people to congregate, the sharing of information, and keeping in touch with somebody.

Still, we know that we can’t possibly keep in touch with all of our ‘friends’. We probably need some redefinition of the phrase “keep in touch”. We only have 24 hours a day.

Next time, when you’re preparing a post, don’t try to be perfect. If it is too fake, it aches.


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