Stop, but not too fast

When you’re asked to stop, your addiction to drugs and alcohol, feelings of depression and rage, or even thirst for vengeance, the evil will is inexorable. The current worst, stopped when you were in the middle of an eloquent and argumentative soliloquy. You know that person is right and you agree with him because anything excessive is erroneous. Yet, you don’t always stop instantly. When you have vowed to stop, it means that you have accepted the idea of forsaking what you were doing a split second ago. You need to adjust the way you feel, the way you always think, the way you rely on certain things and I know this is hard because we often don’t have enough time to sink in to the blatant truth. Yet, we’re told that we have to stop, immediately. Indignation sets in next, the most heart-wrenching impediment. Yet, the intentionally kind and helplessly worrying ‘stop’ is mandatory. If we’re never asked to stop, we will continue, for as long as we can, no matter the damage, for its gratification obscures it all. Obsession propagates incessantly. Notwithstanding errors, you’ll be humanly forgiven. For struggle exists, because feelings are within.


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