Story behind ‘Dusk’

Thought of you

While on the double-decked bus back home from school, the brick roofs were on my feet. I imagined myself sipping some chamomile tea on the balcony, beneath the roofs. It was in the evening.

Imagined your dominance

Pictured how dusk would look like in real life, after seeing a picture from google.

How relentlessly captivating

Right after I alighted from the bus, dusk was right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe this instant effect.

You charmed me

My mind was filled with nothing but awe for your calming beauty, dusk.

With the blue

Just like the blue I saw in the picture.

I thought was a new color

Not in the literal sense of course. It means I haven’t see dusk this beautiful before. Maybe I just haven’t taken any notice, or the opinion that something is beautiful differs from moments.

Fleeting is all you need to be

Thought about how fast you were going to leave, yet you can captivate me within that ephemeral period.

As your enduring progeny

Complete darkness comes next, but this time, definitely, it’s going to last longer.

The frequently misunderstood

People usually associate darkness with danger, vice, or something to stay away from. However, they don’t realize that more often than not, the loneliness embedded in darkness brings out the best personal epiphanies and intricate emotions that lead to the most enduring creation. It is in fact, the best time for everyone to do what we don’t do enough, reflect and create.

Poignant darkness

The memories and emotions evoked by darkness remains indelible.

Made me drop a tear

Because my mind was in complete awe, I was feeling touched that something beautiful indeed exists. I didn’t literally drop a tear, just wanted to highlight how subtly elated I was.

So willingly

It was definitely worth it, to spend some time, feeling for nature’s daily performance. Its Achilles’ heel is being overlooked.


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