The versatile blogger award

Hello! I don’t think I’ve even written such a post before but I would just like to thank each and everyone of you for reading my posts. As an amateur writer, I have a lot to learn and I’m glad to be learning from you:)

A very big thank you to J.C. for nominating me:) Go check out her work.

Seven things about me:

1. I started writing in a notebook with a camera design around March 2017.

2. I never thought I could maintain a blog.

3. I like to read biographies. Everyone just has so many intricately beautiful stories that are irreplaceable.

4. I seek accurate pronunciation of the spoken language.

5. Romance is for me.

6. I don’t care about handwriting. The flow of writing is more alluring;)

7. I’m a true Bohemian at heart.

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Rare affection

Today’s my third day in Bangkok and I have witnessed the rarest and purest “love at first sight” scene that made me blush! It’s not between people but two little doggies. I am no expert in the names of different breeds, so I’ll just call them two white, fluffy, little doggies. 🐶🐶

We were waiting for our uber along the road and one family has two dogs with them while the other guy has one. One of which from the family started going close to the guy’s dog right after seeing it, as if recognizing its long-lost kin. The both of them stared into each other’s eyes for some seconds before one of them tweaked its head slightly and gave the other one a kiss, completely oblivious to the world’s evolvement. (I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING). Both of their owners watching must have felt bad to separate them especially because the doggies were at their peak of attraction and had to leave each other right at that moment. When they were pulled apart, both of them tried so hard to get close to each other again. This sight softened all the taut strings in every witness’s heart. Both owners gave them a little bit of time before they had to part ways. Anybody watching would say that they should have more time together:(

It was totally a magical scene to watch. Being so star-stricken, I couldn’t even take a photo when I absolutely should have.

If animals could understand each other and portray their affections so easily, maybe it’s not that hard for humans either. If only we would all express ourselves that naturally every time we feel a certain attraction.

<a href=””>Blush</a&gt;

No matter what

Patience patience patience patience patience

When you sense something amiss

Patience patience patience patience

Holds you back

From scolding

Patience patience patience

A kerosene lamp

Burning diligently

Without an uproar

Patience patience

Sets in

The way seashells embed into sand without thoughts

No matter what

The sun will set


Nothing but time

Is what we shall learn to have

<a href=””>Patience</a&gt;

How brave the wave

The wave

Decidedly belligerent

Fretting over its temper

Put into place grudgingly

An earthquake approaching

The stacks encroach firmly

Purposely provoking

At this time

How can the wave not

Charge right ahead

Fight the stacks

The wave is hurting too

After all

The stacks are solid

Going against it

The wave knows it can’t win

It’s going ahead nevertheless

How brave the wave

<a href=””>Provoke</a&gt;


Sonorous thunder

Hearing it so loud from afar

Same as noise from afar

Criticisms they spew

Building walls with lava

Coveting my self-esteem

Enclosing my being

Stealing my standing

I’m trapped by four tall walls

Heaving breaths of desperation

My feet in a square

With the same width and breadth

Claustrophobia checked

I jump and jump to grip

Onto any of this

Deadpan flat and frictionless

Ominous grey wall

Trying an empty palm hold

Overdue fingernails scratching the wall

The scratch, nauseating

The paint flaking

Nothing like snow flakes

The pain peeling

Nothing like calluses

My scream rings only in my ears

That’s how hard it could be

To escape from those noise of yours

Those rumors you say

Just forget about them?

I don’t think I can.

<a href=””>Noise</a&gt;


You asked why didn’t I get on the next train

Well, I alighted not too longer ago

I was actually

ousted because it became congested

with those who don prestige

There was no longer any room for me




I was ousted

Ousted ousted ousted already

It wasn’t my choice

The past was captivating

It still is


it’s a cloudless night here

The gale that just swept and pierced my cheeks

were like your hands that enclosed my fears

that day

when they were icy cold instead of the usual warm

I’m here at the same station

Waiting not for the next train

but the one before

<a href=””>Captivating</a&gt;

Sun shower

When it rains with the sun unbudging

it seems so sudden

Your smile

the cardigan for your broken heart

on this frosty winter night

is not enough to hide the cold

The cold

you realized wasn’t always sudden

My dear

the temperature of snow says

nothing has ever been too sudden

An ephemera you are in

Inside, you become conscious of

the gradual manifestation of death

That’s when

you can no longer hold your pain

that’s been proliferating for a while

That is why the sun shower arrives


letting water out for you

for the seed you sow

<a href=””>Suddenly</a&gt;

The walk last night

Last night

My thoughts of you came true

When tulips bloomed

At a fortuitous garden

In a dark I couldn’t fathom

A light on waiting list

I wonder just as much

As the sagacious gaze of a star

If you were in the walk last night

Consciously with me.

If not how

Can I bear to say

What we had was real

If the mind in us is even real.

Waking up

Kidnaps me to an unfamiliar place.

<a href=””>Wonder</a&gt;

Maybe I’m too young

She thinks

Maybe I’m too young

To be wearing a mini skirt

Maybe I’m too young

To be out too late

Maybe I’m too young

To know what to say

Maybe I’m too young

To know what is love

That’s because

She heard what you said.

She wants to say

I’m never too young

To choose apparels

To have a soulful chat

To speak on what’s wrong

To feel what can be felt

I’m never too young

So long as

We don’t compromise on the archival

Fears of men turning obsolete

When women gather in strength

As their veins protrude with clench

Just as much as those of men.

<a href=””>Uncompromising</a&gt;